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At present the quality of the auto parts market is very worrying

2016/8/15      view:
       Insurance Association of China, China Automotive Maintenance Industry Association in April last year for the first time disclosed the whole vehicle accessories than zero report sparked an uproar in the community, "Mercedes Benz car replacement parts capable of reaching the 12 new car" has become a major site of title .
       Zero integer ratio refers to the ratio of all vehicles on the market price of the total auto parts and vehicle sales price. As reflected in the aftermarket automotive OEMs circulation pricing mechanism, the zero level of the whole than from an objective reveals the automotive OEM parts pricing is reasonable in the concrete embodiment.
       With the car antitrust unfolds, we can see not only the FAW - Volkswagen was fined nearly 250 million, was fined 357 million Mercedes-Benz heavy fines, etc., we are also beginning to see a lot of car manufacturers vehicle and parts prices. FAW - Volkswagen Audi on August 1, 2014 the initiative to cut prices of domestic models of original spare parts. Audi A6L "zero integer ratio" fell to 291% from 411%. September 1, part of Mercedes-Benz models repair parts prices down an average of 15%. Jaguar Land Rover China ten thousand kinds of parts prices, the average price cut will reach 20%.
       Six months later, the two associations issued a second data. Compared to the last, the "zero integer ratio" survey covered 18 new models over the entire vehicle zero coefficient of up to 719.75 percent, the lowest was 230.98%, the highest value is 3.1 times the minimum value. Contrast the first "up to 1273%, the lowest 272%" of data, it can be seen in the automotive industry "zero whole than the" overall decline.
       April 27, 2015, two Association announced the third installment of "auto parts than zero integer coefficients" and "common parts auto consumer burden index." Involving 20 models. Mercedes-Benz once again in the forefront, Beijing Benz E-class W212 zero integer coefficients than 650-660%. However, compared to the previous 12, it doubled less full of it. From the first of up to 1273%, then the second phase of 719.75%, to now 650% -660%, coefficient of auto parts than the whole continued to show a downward trend.
       Auto parts prices, and zero integer coefficient than the price, but people feel does not seem to get the benefits of feeling, which is why?
       Data show that the engine, gearbox high-value components, the frequency of replacement of only 0.0153 percent, the industry called "high-value low-frequency" member; and the frequency of replacement bumper, lights and other common parts of 6.2755%, is called as "low-frequency" items. In fact, consumers are closely related to the vulnerability of the "low-frequency" items. Although some manufacturers have reduced the price of auto parts, but take a closer look, there are only some models the price for the engine, transmission and other "high-value low-frequency" automotive parts, while the bumpers and other "low-frequency" did not fall accessories even prices. Plainly, many models, only the owners of fewer replacement parts price cuts, common parts in general rise, not fall.
       The market economy is itself regulated by the market. On the one hand, because the localization and increase market depth and component prices decline is inevitable and necessary. On the other hand, the data show that in 2014 55% of new car dealers in the sales cycle can not be profitable, fewer dealerships sell new channels to the profits earned, occupied most of the stock is high liquidity. It can only be achieved through profitable sale. Now aftermarket competition, improved the quality of their parts, repair rate gradually declined, dealers have not fared well. Based on current trends in profits and punishment system, some OEMs on a number of accessories fixed price with the dealer agreement, the existence of acquiescence price monopoly behavior. Even at the policy implications of price cuts, over time, manufacturers and dealers will change the way prices have gone back.
       In fact, the price of auto parts in the scenic high-heeled black heart farmhouse would be similar - nowhere else, people need more than that, I say how much pricing, not to decide yourself. Of course, this analogy a little unscientific, because our car parts are clearly marked, and will not wait for change over to blackmail.
       Qingdao prawn Ye Hao, Ye Hao than the whole automotive parts, can lead to industry-wide attention is a good thing. However, there are policy constraints on the one hand, the most important, or "monopoly." Only by addressing the root causes of the problem, the most effective way is to reduce the price of auto parts. But the "root cause" appears to be half past one would not be solved.