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In Korea, the use of auto parts mainly rely on imports

2016/8/15      view:
       According to South Korean media reports, South Korea's main core auto parts import wind energy systems companies a high degree of dependence.
       On July 6, the Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning at Samsung-dong COEX wind PD held "Global R & D Forum 2012," said the overseas developed most of the core businesses are owned auto parts manufacturing, but more than half of South Korean companies most dependent on external imports, especially imports of proportion gearbox (shaft) and blade turbine is quite high.
       PD Wu said that due to the risk of wind power blade turbine parts, bearings, technical barriers to imports of the gearbox, as well as the threat of higher demand caused by differences, so as demand increases, the demand caused by differences as well. To this end, advanced enterprise constructed parts differentiated vertical integration strategy.
       On the other hand, South Korea's major systems manufacturers only independent production generators, electrical towers and auto parts from domestic parts enterprises are formulated, in addition, most of the parts leaf blade, gearbox, controller, etc. are imported from Germany and the Czech Republic and other countries .
       PD Wu said that in order to achieve Korea's major systems and components localization, Korea needs to establish the plan outline, especially since most of the raw materials, parts and components related businesses for SMEs, so the need to strengthen the system to engage in the manufacturing of large enterprises and raw materials parts production cooperation between SMEs. In addition, with increasingly large-scale wind energy systems, gearless devices increasing market share, gearless devices 2007 market share of 14.5%, in 2011 rose to 21.2%.