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Compared with the conventional car doors, car doors and windows with electric What unique advantages does

2016/8/15      view:
       Cars for everybody is not strange, it has a very important role in everyone's daily life, it can be said to be indispensable an important everyday products. Although the car to bring a great convenience and ease, but in everyday driving process due to the vehicle and people will bring some harm.
       Especially the installation of electric car window lifter easily closed when the driver accidentally caused due crush, and car doors and windows smart Fangga Motor is to prevent this type of accident occurs while the production and traditional car compared to the doors and windows motor, it has more prominent advantages and product advantages.
       First, automobile glass lifter electric and conventional car doors and windows electrical products compared to the market all the car doors and windows smart Fangga electrical products are more of a sensor system. The induction system is mainly induced resistance in the doors and windows closed during the encounter, once the resistance is slightly larger sensor system will work to control the motor to stop working, to avoid just closed, there may be a pinch, so that there is less doors and windows in the switching process requires the driver to observe the link, both easy and reliable.
       Secondly, the car doors and windows installed in cars Intelligent Fangga motor can effectively enhance the safety car, greatly reducing crush accidents have been inadvertently caused, for the driver and occupant is very important.