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Anti-pinch window regulator car use can greatly improve the safety of passengers

2016/8/15      view:
       With the development of science and technology and the customers comfort, security requirements, the modern automobile window lift almost have abandoned the traditional way of hand movements, while the motor is connected to a control terminal to achieve automatic movements, namely electric cars lifter, originally assembled in the high-end cars only, has gradually been applied to middle and low car, which is a non biography trend.
       Pinch electric car lifter, by definition refers to when the glass rises, when there is a person or object or folder trends folders automatically reverse the motor some distance and stopped to prevent pinching passengers or damage to the glass.
       Currently, the popular anti-pinch electric car window regulator motors on the market there are contact and non-contact two categories. Contact, can be imagined, is to touch the body or articles of glass is on the rise, the motor is blocked, it will stop and reverse at stop; the other is through a non-contact infrared sensors whether there is an object in the glass structure, sensing an object is to stop working. The optical control system is composed of the main components of an infrared transmitter and receiver components of the optical sensor system mounted on the window trim, can continuously and accurately scanning glass area.
       Pinch electric car window regulator is the future development trend of glass lifter, UNOCI believes insight pinch electric car window regulator works in favor of the anti-pinch electric car window lifter design, development, testing and maintenance .